Thursday, January 1, 2009

HApPy 牛yeAR~

happy 牛year~~~

today is the first day of the new year .. sure need post post smth for this blog.
For this coming new year, sure got new stuff and wishes for all this year lar..

Ermm... Firstly, I wish happy new year to everyone including my BELOVED DAD & MUM and MY FOUR SISTER. And also my brother in law and my sister boyfriend. Secondly sure is my BROTHERs that somewhere out there who never let me walk alone. My Batu Pahat HENg TAi that so steady.My Friends in UTAR and skool. Lastly those who come to see my blog then also wish u la~

This years wishes
Wish for healthy for everyone
Wish for good luck for everyone
Wish for the previous good stuff for everyone
Wish for a NEW START and NEW LIFE for me~

That all ~
(PS: wishes will come true IF you believe IT)

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Anyway~ this is a game call KUWAKCHAI~ and this is the forum

The game is free to play and its easy to access once registered, which only take seconds. Players can donate to receive extra goodies which makes the game more enjoyable.Anyway this the game that you can know a lot of friends. This is my friend jacksonhow intro to me~ He said my look like ah beng sure will play one~ = = indeed i PLAYED

Playing the game is simple, once inside, the simple layout is easy to figure out, Playing instruction are available in the help section or you can make friends and ask questions with the thousands of players online everyday. For more information, new player can browse through the forum page for help, which can be located at the left page in the navigation menu. The navigation menu is easy to figure out once you figure out what they mean as some of them are written in localized Malaysian English.(because most of them are BANANA ppl ~~ opss)

As a mobster game, one need to perform several task to gain energy, will, experience and health. And off course there are monetary rewards and the more money you have, you can buy more items to be powerful and form gangster group. There is no cheat or hack available yet.Aiyohh talk so much u go urself play then u will knw it already~

Kuwaichai has gone through its beta stage and are free from bug after vigorous testing by the ever helpful admins.(6 path of pain damn really good helper~) So what are you waiting for? Do head over to KUWAKCHAI and check out this new game, u might see me in hospital currently~ because keep on whack by ppl but no one wanna help me . :-)

Then talk about the FORUM stuff, u really MUST, COMPULSORY,Definitely sign up become a DAMN active member~don sleeping member la~ coz i have agreed wit Oni.(FORUM tai KOR head -owner- ). to help promote his forum~ PLZ don wait anymore , U wan find friend so must come here. I waiting FOR U~


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Thursday, November 20, 2008

JOe's PhoTO

This is the gate I spend half an hour to take~ coz got ppl kacau there~ but still can manage take it

This is ONE time shot~ hehe~ i like this picture~

JOe's PhoTO

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The first step

Time has arrived, so everything will change and it depend will u remember or not. So blog will help u to note down everything that u written on it . So the journey or Qchong blog have started from now.